Vanilla chiffon layered with roasted, grated cashew nuts and fresh cream. Finished an elegant decoration of grated cheese and glazed fresh fruits.

6" 6-8 servings £30.00
8" 8-12 servings £42.00
10" 14-18 servings £60.00
12" 25-30 servings £84.00

Including a greeting card (approx. 7cm × 5 cm; size may vary) for writing personalised message.

Product information

Ingredients: Vanilla chiffon, cashew nuts, Cheddar cheese, fresh cream, seasonal fresh fruits

Allergens: Wheat, Egg, Milk, Soya, Nuts
All of our products are made in a home bakery that contains nuts including peanuts. So there may be trace elements of peanuts in this product.

Suitable for vegetarians

Due to its hand-made nature, the finished product may vary slightly from the image displayed.

Keep refrigerated between +2°C and +5°C and consume within two days from the date of collection.

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