Food menu

We constantly update our menu by addition of new dishes. You will find our menu updates as you scroll down this page or click here.

Fresh seafood everyday. We serve responsibly sourced seafood.

Wok stir fry at the fresh food counter is open for lunch and dinner all days.
Teppanyaki grill, seafood and sushi are available Monday-Saturday evenings only and Sunday all day. 
Choices at the buffet, fresh food and dessert counters may vary and are subject to availability.
The range of food served varies between lunch and dinner.
All our dishes are labelled with allergen and intolerance information.
Check out our FAQs for more info and vegetarian/vegan options.

Menu updates

NEW! Soups

Japanese miso soup (V & VG)
Tom Yum Goong soup (V & VG)
Chicken & sweetcorn soup
Chicken & mushroom soup

Available on request
Mon-Sat evenings only & Sun all day

V & VG: Vegetarian & vegan friendly

NEW! Mixed tempura

Mixed tempura
@ buffet counter

An assortment of seafood & vegetables
Prawns  |  Fish  |  Squid rings
Aubergines  |  Asparagus  |  Sweet potatoes
Shiitake mushrooms

Available in October
Wed & Fri evenings
6-9 pm

An assortment of sushi

Sushi & vegetarian sushi

Freshly prepared everyday
with a variety of ingredients

Accompaniments include
Edamame  |  Seaweed salad
Pickled cucumber/ginger

Available everyday
Mon-Sat evenings only & Sun all day

Try this!

Pad Thai Sauce
@ fresh food bar

A recipe originated from South West Thailand
Medium spicy with a balance of sweet, sour, salty & umami
Great with rice noodles, vegetables, meat & seafood
Add a few chillies if you like it hot
Sprinkle with crushed peanuts & drizzle with fresh lemon juice to serve
Dig in! Enjoy!