Our gallery

Here are pictures taken at Wok n Grill during different occasions and more snapshots of our restaurant as you scroll down the page.  

Springtime & Mother's Day 2017

Barbara's 100th birthday

We had a very special 100th birthday celebration in March 2017. It truly was a pleasure having Barbara and the party. Amazing!

Valentine's Day 2017

Celebrating the Year of the Rooster 2017

Christmas 2016 & New Year 2017

Snapshots of Wok n Grill

The food displayed in our gallery are subject to availability. 
Wok stir fry at the fresh food counter is open for lunch and dinner all days.
Teppanyaki grill, seafood and sushi are available for Monday-Saturday dinner only and Sunday all day.
Choices at the buffet, fresh food and dessert counters may vary and are subject to availability.
The range of food served vary between lunch and dinner.

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